Gambia is an adventure! Travel around, experience and enjoy it in an easy, safe and secure way with us! We consider your need and show you the way. Choose what suits you and contact us. We help you to travel around Gambia to the right places the right way!

All excursions are arranged by our local partner FaluTours. In addition to solid experience of guiding tourists, they have license, insurance, own vehicles and English speaking guides. They support charity projects and 5% of their income goes to Charity.

Below you will find a selection of excursions that we arrange. These can be booked via our representatives or our local service phone in the Gambia. Pick up and drop will be at your accommodation. You can pay cash (SEK, Euro or GMD) to the guide at pick up or with card at FaluTours office no later than two days prior to the event. In some cases where we need the reservation or payment earlier, this will be stated in the more detailed program.

Excursions half day

  • City Tour – The first stop is in Serrekunda, the largest Town in Gambia. Then we visit Kachically Museum and Crocodile pool in the village Bakau. We continue to Banjul City for sightseeing and shopping opportunity at the popular Albert Market.

Excursions full day

  • Bird watching – Early boot cruise, breakfast and Abuko Nature Reserve. Gambia is well known for its rich bird life and here you can spot over 500 species.
  • Catching up with the local people – Batik & Tie dye or Traditional Organic Soap making workshop
  • Fathala safari, north Senegal – Jeep safari in the natural and protected reservate of 2000 hectars through hords of giant elands, elands, giraffes, rhinos, buffaloes and zebras. Here you can sense the African wilderness and have the opportunity to walk with Lions. If time permits we take a short walk in a local village before leaving Senegal.
  • Fishing – Cruise from Denton Bridge. Choose inbetween Creek fishing in The Gambia river or seafishing (also know as sportfishing).
  • Gambian home cooking – Buy ingredients at the local market and learn how to cook Gambian traditional food in a traditional way.
  • Lazy day cruise –  Cruise on the Gambia River in the mangroves from Denton Bridge. Try fishing och have a pieceful sunbath. The boat has shade when you have enough of the sun.
  • Makasuto Cultural Forest – Visit the private Ecotourism woodland reserve. This excursion includes boat trip on the Gambia river in the mangroves, relax by the pool, hang with the baboons, climb palms, drink palmwine and experience entertainment by the Jola Cultural Group.
  • Mini safari / Taste of the South – Visit Tanji fishing village with Camel riding on the beach, visit a school to interact with teachers and kids, visit the Reptile farm, take a walk in the village and visit the Beautiful Paradise Beach.
  • Nature adventure – We take a longer walk in the Abuko Nature Reserve where you can see monkeys, birds, hyenas, land turtle etc. Then we stop at the lifestock market before we continue to Bijilo Forrest Park (Monkeypark) for a walk among the green velvet monkeys.
  • Roots river cruise or Roots by land – Get a sense of the 300-400 years of slavery history. Discover historical relics of the slave trade left behind by the Portuguese. Visit the two villages, Jufureh and Albreda, Alex Hailey talked about in his famous book och movie the Roots. Take a walk at Fort James Islands and visit Kunta Kinteh’s village, family and the museum. This tour can be done either by cruising the Gambia river or by car.
  • South Gambia Tour (Local village safari) – Visit Serekunda market, Lamin Lodge with a local paddle boat tour in the mangroves with the oyster cultivation, visit Kubuneh village to see the local life and the Mansa Colley Bojang school and Tanji fishing harbour
  • South Senegal Adventure – Come with us to Kafountine in the Cassamance region of Senegal, see the largest fishing village in South Senegal. We continue to Bendula Hotel to board a boat to Kailo Island to visit the gods of the animist. Back to Bendula for lunch, swim and relax before we trek back. Enjoy the ecstatic performance of the Jola women in the Mamuda village along the smugglers route.
  • Voluntary exursions – Meet with the local people. We introduce this excursion with the intention to connect you with the local communities and schools. An opportunity for you who want to be volunteers in our community and school projects. As 5% of our bookings goes to the local communities and schools, join hands with us and support our local community by simply be a volunteer.

Excursions with over night stay

  • George Town (Jang Jang Burreh Camp) – A great opportunitiy to se different parts of The Gambia, local villages in the countryside, old monuments, typical nature, experience local entertainment and food. You will see the stone circles in Wassu and experience a boatcruise from Kuntawurr to George Town. You might see Crocodiles, schimpanzees and hippos. In GeorgeTown you will sleep in a nice lodge without electricity. They have shower and toilet but use candles or local lamps. Here you will have dinner buffé and experience nice local entertainment. The following day we walk around the village and learn about the conolial commercial warehouses, the slave undergroundprison, slave market, old colonial street light, the old slave house, the Methodist church, colonial cemetery and the Freedom Tree.

Afternoon/evening experience

  • Sunset cruise – Boat cruise to Lamin Lodge. Experience the sunset on the Gambia river where you can see a lot of colorful birds when it’s cooler in the creek.


  • Fotboll, Golf and Wrestling – Available on request

Customized experience

  • Content of your choice – Put the content together based on your wishes and needs with help from your guide. You negotiate the price with your guide depending on the content.

We evaluate and develop our range continuously based on guest evaluations and what is available at the time. In addition, we also have the opportunity to customize and tailor excursions based on wishes and needs. Most of the recommended things to do by Tripadvisor or other guides can be arranged by us. If you have a wish for something that is not in our list please ask us. Nothing is impossible.