About the flight

Fly with Brussels Airlines to Banjul, Gambia

Regular flights to Banjul, Gambia, can be booked via our partners Brussels Airlines. Be out in time. You will find the best flight prices three months prior to departure. If you book with shorter notice, regular flights will become more expensive especially Brussels Airlines. You will find flights five days a week every week around the whole year. Most tickets with Brussels Airlines can be changed for a fee, in case you suddenly feel like staying longer in The Gambia. Please check the terms and condition when you book.

Flying from Sweden to Banjul, The Gambia means one change in Brussels and a stopover in Dakar to leave and pick up on travelers. Here you can still sit on the plane (about 1 hour). The flight time from Gothenburg is about 10 h, from Stockholm about 10,5 h and from Copenhagen about 9 h. The journey from Banjul, Gambia, is always a night flight with arrival in Brussels early morning.

To travel with one and the same airline the whole trip is recommended as you get better help with delays and missed connections. In addition, you usually check 2 bags of 23 kg when you fly long distance regularly with the same airline but not always if you divide the trip and fly with different companies.


Unfortunately, all airlines are delayed. In these cases, the airlines make every effort to alleviate the effects. However, you can not count on compensation for missed connection, taxi fares at home or for overnight stays in a hotel, nor for telephone charges. In order to avoid extra costs if flight times change or delays occur, we recommend that you book a ticket that is rebookable or signs Gouda Travel Insurance, which in some cases compensates. As delays may occur, we encourage you to have a good margin if you have booked connections. However, in case of major delay, airline companies are required to compensate and you may, in the aftermath, receive assistance from Airhelp to claim this compensation. Save all flight details such as ticket and boardingcard for this purpose. If you fly with the same airline all the way, you’ll get better help on-site for delays leading to missed connections. For example, Brussels Airlines always books new connection flights automatically and provides you with a meal replacement at the airport.

Check-in / at the airport

Check-in at the airport begins 2 hours before departure. It is important to be out in good time, but check-in usually closes 1 – 1.5 hours before departure, see travel documents. The board usually begins 30 – 50 minutes before the plane lifts. The travel documents must be displayed at check-in.


We recommend that you pack the necessary medicines as well as valuables in your baggage.

Damaged / lost luggage

Should any of the checked baggage be damaged or disappeared, you must report this immediately after landing. Note that a special notification, P.I.R. (Property Irregularity Report) must be written at the airport for the airline to be able to handle any compensation claims. If the damage is not detected at the airport, some airlines will receive notification within 7 days after the damage occurred. The major travel companies like Brussels Airlines and Royal Air Maroc have their own offices in central locations near Senegambia (the tourist district). Here you can follow up on how your luggage works.

Airborne allergy

If you have airborne allergy, such as allergy to peanuts, you must contact the airline before departure. Airlines can never guarantee a completely groundless flight.

Location Award

At the location allocation, airlines try to keep together companies traveling on the same booking. However, you can not count on being near or near your company. Some airlines offer a special seat and, for such purchases, the purchase is guaranteed.