Before the holiday


Passport and visa

Passport must be valid throughout the stay. For travel to Gambia, the passport is valid at least six months after the date of residence. Swedish provisional passports are accepted, the passport must be machine-readable, for children require their own passport. Visa is required for several nationalities upon entry to Gambia. As a Swedish citizen, you do not need a visa for travel to Gambia if you plan to stay less than 90 days. As a regular tourist, you do not need to apply for a visa in advance, but you will receive an entry permit and a stamp in your passport upon arrival. The entry permit usually lasts 21 or 28 days but can be extended at the nearest police station with migration management for a small fee. Travelers of other nationality than Swedish should check what is applicable with embassy / consulate. For other nationalities, we recommend that visas be arranged before departure. It is your own responsibility as a traveler to make sure that you have the necessary documents for the trip’s implementation such as valid passport and visa.

Prices for excursions and arrangements

Booking of excursions from home and arrangements takes place at a fixed price. Note that price variations may occur when purchasing at destination, due to exchange rate changes etc. Payment is made via swish or cash on site in GMD, EUR, SEK.

Program changes

Changes in the ordered arrangement may occur even the last days prior to departure. As soon as events that involve significant changes to the event come to our notice, we will notify you in writing or by telephone. If the change is crucial to the performance of the event, we offer another equivalent option if we can or refund the whole or part of the event’s price. Excursions and similar events can be changed for reasons beyond our control. Such changes can be made at very short notice and do not always constitute a basis for repayment.

Travel insurance

It is important to have proper insurance coverage. Always check what type of insurance you have and what travel insurance is included. If you have a home insurance, check if it includes a travel protection even in Gambia. We have contacts with private doctors / health care facilities on the travel destination. Please note that the EU health card does not apply to care in Gambia.

Travel documents

Always check that your booking confirmation and travel documents are correct with your booking and that all details are correct. Names should be spelled correctly and correspond to what is in the passport. Normally, all information relating to your reservations to the e-mail address is sent. It is therefore important that you provide an email address that you can always access.

Vaccinations and health issues

Check which vaccinations are required before entry. You can do this at special vaccination centers or healthcare centers that handle vaccinations. They usually recommend Hepatitis A and B given at 2 to 3 times with the first injection 4 weeks before departure. Other vaccines may be Yellow fever and Malaria prophylaxis. Yellow fever can be important if you intend to leave the tourist areas on the west coast to go further into Gambia. Malaria prophylaxis is cheaper and non-prescription variants in Gambia. The tip is Malastad and Lariam.

In pregnancy, certain restrictions apply to flight travel, vaccinations, etc. You should consult your doctor well in advance of the appropriate vaccinations. Hotels and restaurants have similar hygiene requirements in Europe. Gastric disease is not quite unusual but more often depends on bacteria from managing money. For prevention, you can buy Trevis or similar at the pharmacy for this type of tourist diarrhea.

Currency / Exchange

Gambia is a country where cash works best. The currency is called Dalasi (GMD) and may be difficult to get out in Sweden. The best part is to change the spot. Here you also get better courses. Swedish kronor, euros and dollars are easy to exchange in Gambia. You can withdraw money in ATMs with VISA and Mastercard but maximum 400 SEK per withdrawal. Keep in mind that most cards charge a fee of £ 40 per withdrawal regardless of amount. Choose to bring card free of charge when withdrawing from abroad. Another option may be to send money to yourself via WesternUnion, where the fee is only $ 25 at lower sums