Booking & payment terms

For flights and accommodations, we refer to our partners Travellink, and Here their rules apply. You will find links to our partners as well as our tips and recommendations under “Book your Gambia vacation”. Even if you choose to book flights and accommodations otherwise you can still book Badeya Tours services.

Badeya Tours services


Booking of our services can be done via our booking form, by mail to, by telephone or directly to any of our guides. The booking is followed by a confirmation from Badeya Tours. Keep in mind that the reservation is binding but that it can be retaken according to the rules on cancellation rights in the Distance Contract and Outside Business (2005: 59) Contract. The rules for cancellation are described below. When booking and possible withdrawal of reservation, we follow consumer legislation. The last day for booking our services is two days before the service will take place.

When renting IsloTours Villa, all communications and administration takes place through Airbnb. For rules and procedures for checking availability, booking, cancellation and payment refer to Airbnb.

Program – activities, experiences, excursions, music and dance

The time for the performance of our services is preliminarily stated in the Badeya Tours program. This also applies to pick-up and departure at hotels during excursions as well as when and where the dance classes are held. Current and detailed programs are available locally with our guides, at our offices and at the hotels where we are represented. Updating our program is ongoing.


Fees and payment

Prices and any registration fee or deposit for our services are listed in the Badeya Tours price list. In Badeya Tours confirmation of booking made, the fee and payment terms are stated for the service that the reservation applies. Payment usually takes place in cash on site against receipt. Payment should usually be made no later than two days before the service is completed. For some longer excursions, several days will apply, but then it will be shown on our site. Payment can be made with cash or card at site in either SEK, Euro or GMD.

Return Policy

You have the right to cancel your reservation under the Law on distance contracts and agreements outside of business premises (2005: 59) by:
• Notify us within 14 days after Badeya Tours has confirmed your booking.
• Cancellation notice can be provided both in writing, eg via our contact form, e-mail or oral.
• Cancellation notice should contain your contact details and information about what you want to cancel.
• If you cancel your course under the cancellation rules, you are entitled to return the full course fee.
• If you have already begun the use of the services you have booked with us, you have agreed to waive the right of withdrawal.
• The right of withdrawal does not apply to cultural events such as concerts, lectures or the like. In such cases, the application is binding and the fee is therefore non-refundable upon cancellation.
• The right of withdrawal also does not apply to bookings made locally on location at short notice. Instead, the reservation will take place as described below

Withdrawal of reservation

In addition to the right of withdrawal, the booking is binding. If participants resume their notification after the cancellation has expired but before day of service, we will charge an administration fee:
• In case of withdrawal no later than 7 days prior to performance of the service, a fee of 10% of the fee, but at least 100 SEK.
• In case of withdrawal later than 7 days prior to the performance of the service, but before the day of execution, half of the fee will be charged.
• On withdrawal on the same day as the service or later, the entire fee will be charged.
Discontinued use of our services
If you cancel a use of the service you booked due to a permanent barrier, such as medical certificate certified, relocation from the resort or other comparable reason that you could not anticipate, the portion of the fee that is not used, but less any material.


If you do not get any of the services you have booked with us for any reason other than those listed above, that is the opportunity. You can not re-take that opportunity later during the course or get financial compensation for the time you were absent.

Set service

Should we require a service that you have booked with us, you are always entitled to refund the fee you have paid. If the start is delayed for more than 2 days, and you can not participate as planned, you are entitled to withdraw your reservation and reclaim the entire fee. The same applies if we are forced to change the time of the gatherings in an essential way.

Under 18 years

If you are under 18 years old, you must have the legal guardians permission and state the legal guardians contact details to make a reservation.

Processing of personal data pursuant to the Personal Data Act (PUL)

Badeya Tours conducts its business in Gambia through its own sibling company as well as through partners. In order to provide promised service, Badeya Tours needs to forward personal data to these activities in Gambia. Through your booking of our services you agree that we use your personal information in the above manner.