During the holiday

Lighting / electricity

The availability of electricity can be irregular / limited. In the hotel room / apartment the lighting is quite spartan. Most hotels, apartments, restaurants and cafes have power supplies in the event of power outage, but it may take some time before they get started. In some places, street lighting is poorly developed. Feel free to use a mini flashlight if this is missing on your phone. In most hotels there is electricity, but at the apartment hotel you can buy electricity as it is used. Good to ask for this at check in.

Your accommodation

When renting apartments, room standards, layout and furnishings can vary. Some apartments are privately owned and may vary in size, furnishings and equipment than others. Most of the accommodation is staffed with guards even though reception is missing.

In the normal cleaning of a hotel room / apartment is a general cleaning performed a few days / week – the arrival date is included. Most hotels have one cleaning fri day / week. Doing the dishes is not included in the general cleaning, and you can not expect the equipment to be supplied by the hotel. Change of sheets and towels occurs once or twice a week – arrival date included. Cleaning can be done during both the afternoon and the afternoon. If you have booked a long vacation, cleaning is done with linen and towels changed once a week. The cleaning staff usually carries out clothes that are agreed upon. This is usually paid at the end of the stay.

You can’t expect the bed standard to be as in Sweden. Size and standard of beds vary and bedmattress is often missing. For an extra bed and a cot you can count on paying an extra. What counts as an extra bed can also vary. Check with the hotel upon booking if special requests and requirements are available.

Most accommodations have hot water heater in the respective bath / shower room. These must be put on to get hot water. The pressure in the wires can vary and there is often no shower curtain and slip protection in the bath / shower room.

Hotel Shuttle

Our staff will meet you at the airport and assist you with the luggage of the car / bus. Inside the airport there are staff who help you with the bags. They live on the tip you give and it may be wise to have 1 Euro in your pocket for this. You are responsible for your baggage coming on and off the bus. We can not guarantee car seats for children on booked transfer.

High and low season

During high season (15 October – 15 April) there is life and movement, restaurants and bars are open – everything is up and running. During the low season, some hotels, restaurants etc. may have closed. At the beginning and end of the season, activities / facilities at the hotels may be limited, and changes in our excursion program may occur.


Internet connection varies rapidly and is not as reliable as in Sweden, why you can never be guaranteed full Internet access. Many hotels, restaurants and cafés have wifi, but here the quality also varies. There are many internet cafés where you can do their online business for a cheap money. One advice may be to buy a Gambian cash card with calls and the internet. These are sold in small positions along the roads. The major operators are Africell and Qcell.


If something does not work for your satisfaction, please contact us immediately to help you and have a chance to correct what’s wrong. Our guides can always be reached either on location or by phone, see your welcome material. If any problems can not be solved on your travel destination, you can write to us after your return, forms below contact us. The complaint must be made available to us no later than two months after arrival.

Destinations Service

For those who booked our services, “On-site service”, we have staff available throughout your stay. Do not hesitate to contact our representatives for advice and information. You can reach us via our local service phone, in some hotels, via Facebook or this web under Contact us. More information about our guides, service hours and telephone numbers can be found in the welcome material you receive upon arrival at the airport or at the welcome meeting. Our staff are English-speaking and wear a t-shirt with Badeya Tours on and a badge around the neck. You can always reach our Swedish support via Facebook or this web under Contact us.

Small animals / fauna

Small animals are most commonly included in your foreign stay. In hot weather it is common for flies and mosquitoes to occur, please bring mosquito nets or mosquito spray. You can also find protection against insects at local pharmacies on site. Cockroaches and ants often belong to the insect fauna. If you are having a problem at your hotel, you can always ask for help at the reception, the staff can help with spraying if necessary. There may also be running dogs and cats on the destinations. Some guests may experience crazy tips or prayer calls near the hotels as disturbing. It is not uncommon for even larger animals such as goats, cows and donkeys to walk along the roads.


Be aware that there may be underwater currents. Respect the warning flags on the beach. Large tidal differences and high waves can affect the beach and the condition for bathing.


Our excursions are conducted by experienced and licensed guides. Certain excursions and arrangements require a certain minimum number or maximum number of participants to be completed. Sometimes trips are made with other local tourist companies. Pickup for excursions usually takes place at your hotel. In some cases, when pick-up takes place elsewhere, you will take on your own and your own expense to the specified venue. If you become ill and can not take a trip with a departure within 24 hours, refund will be made only on presentation of a medical certificate. We reserve ourselves for changes in the featured excursion program! Keep in mind that the excursion program may be limited during the off-season.

Exchange offices

There are many exchange offices and Western Union agents in Gambia and the currency is changing frequently. Here are some tips at the exchange office:

  • Global Properties & Financial Services AB at Kairaba Ave – Good currency and payment can be done in cash or bank transfer.
  • Mr Fixit in Bakau opposite Cape Point Hotel
  • Lams Tours inside the craft market near Kombo Beach Hotel at Kotu Beach

Additional tips and advice

Contact our Swedish support or our service phone in Gambia for more tips and advice. Notify us if you experience any missing or adjustments in the Travel Guide above. Click on any of the icons below to print or share this Travel Guide.