Music & dance

West African rythms with Badeya Cultural Dance Group

In our concept you will find experiences for all ages and for you who want to participate in dance and music yourself or just enjoy the atmosphere. You will find dance and drum lessons on the beach with live music, BBQ on the beach with live music, excursions combined with dance and music, performances at various hotels and restaurants and more.

  • Learn how to dance and maybe even play drumbs. Experienced dancers and musicians instruct. The dance will be held on the beach.
  • Performances at various hotels and restaurants.
  • Dance and music experiences combined with our excursions.
  • Performances can also be arranged on request for example at ceremonies and events.

Dance- and drumlessons

Welcome to join our dance- and drumlessons on the beach together with our talented musicians and dancers from the Badeya Cultural Dance Group.

We dance and play in mornings at 09:00 and afternoon at 17:00 several days per week. Each dance lesson will last 1,5-2 hour and are accompanied by five talented musicians. Most dance lessons have an open level, but it is an advantage if you have danced before. We will also hold lessons for beginners. The drumlessons are 1 hour.

During of our dance classes we can offer babysitting on the beach. Once a week we arrange BBQ to the tones of West African music. Come join us in the dance and the music under bare sky.

We will offer try-on times, clipcards with 5 or 10 dance lessons as period cards. For those who want to take private dance classes or drum lessons, it is easy to arrange on site and then the agreement between you and the lesson will be arranged.

For those who want to take private dance lessons or drum lessons, it is easy to arrange on site and then the agreement will be in between you and the person who will teach you.

Performances at hotels and restaurants

Enjoy the tones of West African rhythms, watch fine performances and learn about the West African music and dance culture. Badeya Cultural Dance Group performs at Hotels and Restaurants. These performances are free. You only pay for the drink and/or food. Salaries are very low and tip is very much appreciated. Badeya also performs on request, at ceremonies and special events around the year.

Program – performances season 2023/2024 will be released November 2023

Changes can occur with short notice. Check with us what is availabe at the time. Follow Badeya Cultural Dance Group on Facebook.