About us

Our ambition is to run and develop a sustainable tourism business in The Gambia. The idea is to organize tailored holiday experiences with West African music and dance as a theme. Our vision is to be the first-hand-choice of tailored holiday experience in Gambia for European tourists and to be the prefered supplier for at least one European Travel Agency. Our vision is also to create more jobs during a longer season and contribute to increased tourism in The Gambia. We are operating in The Gambia. Marketing is located in Gothenburg, Sweden together with parts of our support, sale and communication.

Who are we?

  • Louise Bangoura, a Swedish resident in Gothenburg, with an in-house family in Gambia since 2010. Over 15 years of experience in senior HR positions in various businesses. Experience of international business, travelling and hotels from a consumer perspective.
  • Badou Conateh, raised in Bakau, Gambia with 15 years of tourism experience in Gambia.
  • Our team has a long and broad experience from different areas within the Tourist business in The Gambia.
  • We work together with Badeya Dance Cultural Group. Badeya performs traditional West African percussion and dance routines inspired by the rich cultural traditions in the area. They were founded in 2005 as a small 5 band but now have 15-20 members from Guinea with several talents. Badeya performs at many hotels, restaurants and festivals in Gambia. Each performance has a wide range of cultural songs and dance routines. Badeya Cultural Dance Group have great experience of Gambia and the Guinean music and dance culture, both performing and teaching students in drums and dance.
  • Our local partner for excursions is FaluTours. They are experienced and licensed with English speaking guides and own veichles.

Together we have a solid professional experience in West African dance & music, guide & hotel business in Gambia, as well as major experience from charter and regular travel from a consumer perspective.